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Enable COM/LPT in device manager

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    Enable COM/LPT in device manager

    Hi all,

    I have a 3D printer who have to communicatie by Com -> usb converter.
    I have drivers from FTDI chip before I have to install the printer software.
    In that programm I have to set the com port number.

    But I have a problem, I don't see any com in the device manager. I have set a new rule for the envirement variables: DevMgr_Show_NonPresent_Devices on 1 but no result. Also checked "show hidden" in the device manager. There is no new hardware in my Universal Serial Bus controller (should be USB serial convertor) or in other devices (should be USB serial port).

    I cannot find anything in my bios to set in on (like integrated periphicals like I saw on the internet)

    How can I solve this problem?
    Thanks in advance!

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    As far as the BIOS goes, it your motherboard doesn't have an integrated serial port your not going to see the options you saw mentioned on the internet. The options to set com port number and IRQ won't be there.

    The USB to serial device is going to show up as a USB device in Device manager. Only a true serial port will show up under com devices.

    Your program is likely looking for a true serial port, it may not work with the USB to serial adapter. You may have to buy a serial interface PCI or PCIe card to get this working. Other than that plug everything in including the printer and see what shows up under USB devices. Then see if you get any configuration options. I don't think it will work but it can't hurt to try it. I've used a USB to centronics (parallel) adapter to connect an old Brother laser printer to my PC. The printer showed up in device manager as a USB printer. The centronics port part of it was invisible though and there was no option to configure it in Device Manager.
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    I would probably check the Devices and Printers dialog. If a device is listed, such as a printer, you can set Com ports using the Printer Properties (middle of the menu) option from the right click menu.
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    Thanks both for your quick replies. It's clear what your description sais: not available for my MB.

    I also contacted the printer manufacturer and maybe the board on the printer is dead. I have to wait for their reply how and what to do.

    Maybe that adapter is sth. for me.
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Enable COM/LPT in device manager
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