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How do I get a PIM to show up in Bluetooth properties?

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    How do I get a PIM to show up in Bluetooth properties?

    I finally got my phone to stay connected via bluetooth and of course I no longer have any hair to pull out.
    now I am trying to import my contacts to the phone, which I gather can be done with a bluetooth connection via some sort of PIM that the bluetooth software recognizes. For the life of me I can't find any explicit reference to any particular PIM software that the Windows 8 bluetooth Properties dialog recognizes. Or, have I misunderstood the capabilities here? Do I have to buy and install Outlook?
    I am unfortunately using Thunderbird as email & contact manager, but I've exported my contacts via .csv in the past so If I can find the appropriately compatible PIM for Win8 Bluetooth I think I can muddle through.

    Any help would be ever so appreciated.

    If there is a thread or other site that already deals with this, my apologies and could you point me in the right direction.


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    When I connected my iPhone to an HP laptop with 7 installed, it connected my phone via Bluetooth and all my contacts were right in there. All of my Audio output was sent to the laptop. It was kind of interesting, I was able to call someone from the Desktop and use the mike and speaker to talk.

    I believe it saved all of my contact information too, I had to delete the device from the laptop to remove them. I was kind of alarmed at the massive amount of stuff that is on my phone that showed up.

    I;ve connected my iPhone to a Macbook running Bootcamp Windows 7, but it was never as complete as I saw it on the HP. Maybe the support was not included in the bootcamp drivers. But on an OEM Windows 7 system, everything was there.

    You have to go into Devices and Printers and pull up the properties of the phone. Of course I don't know what kind of phone you are connecting, but my iPhone was completely accessible (as a phone and Audio Device) in that system. It makes me want to get some kind of Bluetooth card for mu Main PC so I can connect my Phone up while I am working and that way I can hold conversations right from my workstation.

    By PIM I take it you mean Personal Information Manager, all of your contacts and numbers and email addresses? The Contacts should all be there in the device Property Sheet, just look around.

    Basically what I am saying here, is that an iPhone when connected to a Windows Computer via Bluetooth, creates it's own interface, you don't need any extra software to use it. If you give me make and model of your phone I'll look it up.

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    Yes you understand correctly about "PIM". But, I'm in Windows 8 Pro not Windows 7 and I find the granularity to be somewhat less elegant.More like W2K or XP where they seemed to have a penchant for sticking settings in odd places and the help dialogs only gave you what was already painfully obvious. Having said that, i'm really trying not to ditch Win 8.
    So, in Win 8 when I go to Devices & printers and click on my Tracfone (Samsung) SGH-S390G I get a page with file transfer to and from, music & audio and an option for file transfer settings. In the bottom left of that page there are 3 additional option links, the last of which is bluetooth settings. Click on that and I get a tabbed dialog with tabs for options, COM ports, hardware, share and PIM interface. Select the PIM tab and it just says PIM not installed with no bread crumbs to follow <g>. There actually is some Samsung software (several versions) of what they call PC suite. but, No worky with the S390g, probably because it was made for Tracfone and the other similar companies. I've tried it in XP, W7 and W8. from what I have read W8 came with a lot of stuff built in for the latest and greatest Smartphones. But, the S390g is not quite a real smartphone. I also have an LG 800g which apparently also doesn't play well with either W7 or W8. I haven't tried it in XP. I just don't want to go through the misery of entering all the contact info one at a time. Tho' at this point I probably could have done so with the time i've put into trying to migrate the contacts. <g>
    Thanx HalinQuincy
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How do I get a PIM to show up in Bluetooth properties?
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