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Gonna install an SSD on my laptop, few questions

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    Let Windows partition it automatically (just clicking next). This will ensure all needed partitions are created automatically and there is less chance for the user to mess up. After the install, you can resize a partition (usually the biggest one being the system's, shrink down, extend and create new partitions) from:
    Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management.

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    Windows 10 x64

    Following what I said earlier, here are some tutorials with useful info:

    Something related to SSD's:
    Install Windows on MSATA (SSD) Drive - Windows 7 Help Forums

    No matter the disk, if you got UEFI system:
    UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 8 with

    The second one will show you how to create the partitions, step by step, those are being also created when you click next on an empty, unformatted disk.

    With UEFI or not,
    If you manually create the partitions needed for the system install, all the needed ones will be created with the ideal sizes (you'll get a message prompt saying that additional needed partition will also be created).
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    Ok, just got back from the whole process.

    Connected the drive fine, went to BIOS to check if it detected and it did. So I booted the Windows installation, and it detected the drive!
    All I had to do is select it and press "New", which created a 350MB "emergency" partition and another one with the rest of the space. So I installed Windows, and everything seemed to go problems whatsoever.

    ...I actually ended up encountering a problem, that scared the hell out of me. After starting updates and all that stuff, more specifically after installing the chipset driver I got from ASUS's official driver site and rebooting, the PC crashed. So I had to manually turn it off, and turn it back on...after it loaded windows again, it crashed once again. I was afraid that something went wrong with the windows install, or the chipset driver install. Everytime I tried to turn on the PC again and again, it kept crashing passed a few minutes of tinkering around. Before deciding to reformat/reinstall windows all over again, I turned my laptop off and checked the HDD again to see if I actually inserted it well.

    I opened my laptop, took the screws off, and took the HDD out. I looked around and noticed some dust I didn't notice before on top of the connector so I cleaned it. After that I gently blowed inside the connector of both the laptop and the HDD, so that it wouldn't get wet from inside. After doing that I reconnected the HDD to my laptop, put the screws back on, mounted the laptop back again and turned it on once more...and oh my god, it worked. Rebooted several times now, installed updates and a few drivers (still working on this) and so far it hasn't crashed again! I won't start throwing fireworks yet, because i'm still yet to understand how was this possible, so i'll be warry of any suspicious behaviour of the HDD...
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Gonna install an SSD on my laptop, few questions
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