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Dropped Disk

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    Dropped Disk

    yesterday i dropped an external usb disk, from about 4 feet, it was unplugged so not spinning.
    The drive works but i'm not shure if i can still trust it, shuold I?
    Is there some tool to check if there is some damage?


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    Quote Originally Posted by TONSCHUH View Post
    OK, Thanks it's a seagate drive indeed !
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    A conventional drive dropped from 4 feet? I wouldn't trust the drive no matter what the tests say. Be sure you backup all important files now. Symptoms of a fall often appear later.
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    Depends on the floor surface, but tend to agree not to trust it and definitely back it up. A crack in the board could show up under different temperatures. On a carpet with good pad might be okay but back it up soon. You never know with electronics. I dropped a little hp hpc years ago from about five foot onto concrete - used it for several years with no problem.
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    OK thanks,

    the test passed, of course i already made backup, i think i'll use
    only as a temporary storage
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    Quote Originally Posted by roy View Post
    OK thanks, the test passed, of course i already made backup, i think i'll use only as a temporary storage
    It also depends on how heavy the drive is. If it were an internal hard drive, no matter what I dropped it on, I'd no longer trust it. I have a tiny little Toshiba (about 2" X 4" that I wouldn't worry too much about if I dropped it on my living room carpet. However, if I dropped it on this office quality indoor/outdoor unpadded carpet in my office, I'd probably no longer trust it.

    In fact, just the other day, I dropped a Western Digital MyBook and the USB port turned loose from the board, so it's now laying in the trash can. Sigh . . . I took it apart to see if I could reattach the port, but it was a total loss.
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Dropped Disk
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