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A few purchase parameters

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    Quote Originally Posted by markg2 View Post
    I had just posted an excerpt of the article I read at the gym yesterday regarding the new Thinkpads and processor lines.
    I believe you posted that hours before my post...somehow I didn't see it! I was on my phone...anyway, sorry about that.

    Quote Originally Posted by markg2 View Post
    Norton is now not infrequently issuing High Usage messages for drive access and processor in addition to the memory. Since I'm not doing anything significantly different with the machine than a year or 3 ago, I'm thinking the warnings may have as much to do with overall age of the components and not just individual component use overloading--but this cannot be confirmed[...] Common sense tells me if I'm getting a high CPU use message on a 2 core, quite possibly a 4 core would go a long way towards helping to resolve the problem--in addition to newer chips having more cache on the chip + > clock speed + handling multi-threading (for those apps that can address the function).
    Your PC's slowdown is likely entirely on the software side of things. A hardware failure would result in something closer to a systemwide failure unless your optical drive broke or something. As your installation of Windows ages and you install more applications, you're going to see a decrease in performance. I'm also gonna go ahead and recommend you NOT use Norton. Frankly, it's awful, resource-hoarding software and offers no protection you can't get with Windows Defender. My last laptop had very similar specs to yours and ran admirably until its demise (brought on by obsolete hardware and a barely functioning battery).

    Again, you won't need to worry about the detailed specs of your SSD. If you confine yourself to a ThinkPad T series, they will barely give you a choice. This is one of the least important things to consider for your new machine (SSD or no SSD and capacity are much, much more important). It would be a different story if you were building your own machine.

    If you're going to use this laptop for 5+ years, maybe it will be best to "futureproof" it by bumping up to 16GB.

    Quote Originally Posted by markg2 View Post
    My last 2 Thinkpads were T's and giving my spec requirements the current will likely too.
    There are many, many other laptop brands with models that meet or beat your spec requirements. Really, all of them do. Choose your brand based on build quality and value (price to hardware ratio). ThinkPads are a great choice.

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    I'm a sucker for the Thinkpad keyboard touch, reliability and performance under the $ 3 year warranty :-)

    (since I have a plethora of data backups) you think I'd gain a very significant performance increase (and possibly avoid the cost of a new machine at this time) by reinstalling the OS from the install disk, then reinstalling all software.

    If the answer is yes, then I wonder how the install disk would work since it was a Win7 upgrade disk from Vista. With Vista no longer present, possibly the Win7 install disk would refuse the install?
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    While I have never owned one, I know many people who really love their ThinkPads. Maybe I should think about them for next time...

    Again, my old laptop parallels yours. It came with Windows Vista, which I soon replaced with Windows 7, resulting in a huge increase in performance (likely more from replacing Vista). After a while, I bought a bigger HDD for it and again reinstalled Windows 7; it was like having a brand new machine. Installing a clean OS will definitely give you a big performance bump, especially if you've been running the current one for so long.

    Your Windows 7 Upgrade disk *might* let you do a FULL, CLEAN installation of Windows 7. Here's an excellent article on this topic:

    I have reinstalled Windows 7 many times so if you choose to give it a shot on your old machine and want help, let me know.
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    The article was indeed excellent and served to liquify my petrified memory.

    If we'll agree ahead of time to generously consider the following an admission of age related memory failure...

    I completely forgot (likely blanked out the experience due to, at the time, tech stress induced brain overload) that I had, with the able assist of this forum, performed a clean install of 64 bit Win7 over my upgraded Win7 32 bit from an online OS source using my key.

    That occurred in the fall of 2010. I have an image from the fall of 2011.

    So, given my supply of recent images, I could first apply the '11 image. If the performance remains not as good as advertised, I could then follow my archived instructions from '10 and again start clean.

    Thanks for putting up with the lapse.

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A few purchase parameters
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