Hi everyone,

I just bought a Lenovo ThinkPad Helix which I love. It has the detachable screen from the keyboard similar to the Surface. The only issue I have is when using Metro style apps, clicking in text boxes brings up the keyboard, it does auto correct etc. I almost always use the desktop though. I understand clicking in text boxes does not bring up the keyboard which is a bit annoying, but the main issue I have is that it does no auto correct at all. So I'm constantly hitting space twice like on an iPad or expecting the i to convert to I etc but it does nothing it just marks it as spelled wrong. So just wondering if there's any tips or tricks I might be missing on. Mainly for:

1) If there's a way to have the keyboard come up when clicking in a text box automatically.

2) If there's a way to make auto-correct work the same as in Metro.