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General annoying questions of tablet vs laptop win 8

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    General annoying questions of tablet vs laptop win 8

    Okay, I am not exactly a novice when it comes to tech.
    However I used to work in a retail environment , I myself took pride in learning the latest tech (all though everyone else used bs, laughs) .

    but yes tech excites me, I always am an early adopter, but not in this case. Although I have a windows phone, an xbox , and what not.

    i am worried , that if spend like a quarter of a thousand pounds on a tablet by Microsoft...

    will it be able to do op thing a Microsoft computer can do?

    excuse me if I'm being thick here, but currently I use a I MA PADA ahem...

    Instant ban?

    anyway that product can NOT do things a lap top of the same price or less can do, true, it is a different IOS, but..
    can surface deliver my needs?
    por will I buy a laptop, that is convert-able?
    im kinda weird like this, I would prefer my device had that windows logo on it, I'm not not snobby, just. A little OCD I guess...

    So please help me if you can.

    Flash, yes or no <all questions are for tablet >Yes granted there is windows 8 market place...however I wan
    T to install y digital copy of sim city, is that a yes, or no, versus laptop?

    installs yes or no.

    I am not bothered about much else, but if any of you have experience of tablet versus windows laptop I would be great ful to hear, many thanks.

    mmostyly because at the moment, I am seriously broke, but still love my tech. LOL. Xxx thanks again , in advance.

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    Please can anyone answer? Thank you so much. Sorry for my spelling mistakes. I have the condition.
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    While I can't answer specifically since I haven't tried the apps you're asking about, the short answer is more about the version of Windows on the tablet than anything else.

    If you go with the Surface Pro, it has Windows 8, not RT. Anything that would work under Windows 8 on a desktop or laptop with Windows 8 should work under Windows 8 on a tablet. Whether or not the application is "tablet friendly" / "touch friendly" or not is a different story, and may not even matter to you.

    I am expecting a Dell XPS18 tablet soon. I'm looking forward to seeing how well my old hands can do touch. I'll add any additional information to the thread I find relevant after I tinker with it some.

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    7/8/ubuntu/Linux Deepin

    If it 250 it must be RT. Not much point in the op getting that. He already has an ipad.

    i am worried , that if spend like a quarter of a thousand pounds on a tablet by Microsoft...

    will it be able to do op thing a Microsoft computer can do?
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    Win 8.1 Pro

    the Surface Pro will do everything your Desktop/laptop will do with only minor issues.
    Some old software will work, but may have issues with Touch. but generally should still work without much issue with touch.

    I say, if you really want a MS Tablet, go with a Win8 Pro version. It's full desktop that will run all of your software with little difficulty.

    WinRT will not run 3rd party Software.

    I love my Surface Pro. My WP8 Lumia 928 as well.

    As for gaming, not sure, some older games should work fairly well. It is an Intel 4000 GPU.
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General annoying questions of tablet vs laptop win 8
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