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weird external usb drive problem

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    weird external usb drive problem

    i have to external usb HDD one 2tb and the other 1tb. before i installed win 8 i copied all the info from the 1tb to the 2tb and then formatted the 1tb to NTFS using Gparted in manjaro.

    installed win 8 and it could see the 1tb hdd and i could access it. i have to use paragon to access the 2tb one because it is uses ext3 FS.

    Now when i start windows or plug in the 1tb HDD it says unrecognised device. if i use a Ubuntu live usb it can access the drive ok. also when my 1tb is plugged in and start pc it takes awhile for the BIOS to start the usb controller.

    can someone tell me what is going on.

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    windows 8 64 bit

    now I have unplugged the 2tb external HDD and moved it to another pc the 1tb one now works ok. must have been conflict between the 2 Seagate external usb HDDs that windows 8 didn't like.
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    Try changing the "Name" of the drive.
    I bout two "MyBook" 1 tb drives and had a problem like this turned out
    to be the names were the same.
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weird external usb drive problem
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