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Win8 Tablet Experience -- is Journal still there?

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    Win8 Tablet Experience -- is Journal still there?

    Took Win8 off my Tablet because it was crashing too often to be useful -- and I really need to use the Tablet a lot in my daily work.

    Didn't have a chance to see if Windows Journal is still there in Win8.

    So, has anyone else had a chance to look for this, or to use it?

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    Don't think so

    Win 8, per say, does not. You can click on your desktop tile and find it in the Win 7 view. I'm sure later versions will have it.

    Sorry to hear this was unstable for you.
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    That's good news (for me, at least) that Journal is still there. That's what got me to buy a (now OLD) Tablet PC in the first place -- using it as an electronic replacement for my paper Day-Timer. XP Journal was OK but the handwriting recognition was poor. Then, they improved both a lot in Vista. Got even better when Win7 came out.

    I kind of expected it to be GONE with Win8 because, let's face it, Journal is geared entirely toward hand-written text and diagrams. These really aren't the kind of things you're going to be doing on a touch tablet -- regardless of what the iPad2 TV commercials show. You really need a stylus of some kind for handwriting and for drawing.

    And, I hate to admit it, but if Win8 and the associated tablets don't come out for another year, and I still need the use of a tablet then, I will just get a tablet with Win8 preloaded. By then, the default tablet will probably have SSD instead of HDD, USB 3.0 ports, maybe 4G LTE built-in as well as N-class wireless -- and, I hope, last an entire work day on a single battery charge.
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    I installed windows on my acer W500 1 week ago, best decision i have made for a few week now , it has improve my tablets Performance a great deal. before installed windows 8 i was ready to dump it....glad i did not.
    on the issue of windows journal, its still there as an option to be installed and it works better than ever! they have made some changes on the hand writing recognition and it works pretty ok now

    i agree with mark, i too will be changing my tablet when windows8 tables become available
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Win8 Tablet Experience -- is Journal still there?
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