Hi all,
This is my first post to the forum so please bear with me as I am not an IT pro by any means, probably more of a fairly capable user once directions are given. I have the Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2 running Windows 8 and generally find it a device well suited to my application. One recurring annoyance is that during long use the tablet seems to turnoff the radio connection to my Kensington BT keyboard and my Gigabyte BT wireless mouse. The only way that I can get the tablet to restore the connection to the BT peripherals is (1) restart the tablet or (2) go to device manager and remove and then add back each device. I searched the forum and others who reported similar problems were able to resolve them by making changes to the power management profile. I then went into control panel, power options and created a "high performance" profile during which the tablet never goes to sleep. That said there were no options in the power profile creation process to never shutdown BT connections. As such it doesn't seem that the solution to my BT peripherals problem is found solely in battery management, though under the "Balanced" power profile there was a vague reference to its relation to "capable devices", whatever that means. Is there more that I can do to directly address maintaining the radio connection to my BT peripherals during a long use session? Thanks in advance for any help to a forum newbie.