Hi all,

I have a OWC Mercury Elite Pro Qx2 RAID Enclosure. The unit is setup in RAID5. It will not mount its single volume in Windows 8. It shows up properly as "eSATA-2 ExternalRAID" in Device Manager, but under the category "Other Devices", and I cannot get it to see a volume and mount it. It will mount via USB.

OWC swears it is an "isolated" case, but it does this on 4x of my Windows 8 machines and works in Windows 7. They also swear it is a SATA controller driver problem that Microsoft needs to fix. Perhaps, but that doesn't help me.

I know NewerTech has a USB3.0 - eSATA adapter that is under $30 or so. I could try that, though not ideal. Does anyone know of a small dongle-link adapter that will turn an eSATA drive into a NAS instantly? That would be a killed accessory. I have seen these for USB 2.0, but not eSATA.

UPDATE: Just remembered this Addonics adapter. I think I remember it but it wasn't shipping when I first found it.