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Resizing the Win8 partition

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    Resizing the Win8 partition

    Why is it not possible to resize the Win8 partition? The option is grayed out. Using the diskpart in cmd will show this:

    Click image for larger version

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    First, is there any free space on the disk you are using? Secondly, have you tried using the partitions manager?
    Press Start, type in "partition", click on Create and Format Hard Disk Partitions.
    You need to make sure that there is free unallocated space.

    Also, are you running an elevated command prompt (as an administrator)? Use shift+doubleclick to run it as an administrator.
    Edit: Woops looks like you are.
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    The built in Disk management through the Control Panel works 100%
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    Shrink it.
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    What the heck are you trying to do? If you read the commands you have typed into diskpart, you'll find you're trying to expand the PQService partition- expand into what? Thin air? FYI, PQService is the Acer recovery partition, if you fiddle with it, it may become unusable. Did you make a set of recovery disks before installing win8?

    Then, do you want to extend the windows partition? Thats volume 2. To extend C:, you need to have unallocated space to the immediate right of it. So first open the disk management window (click Start button, type diskmgmt.msc, hit Enter), post a snipshot of that here so we can make out which partitions are located where. Only after is any advice possible.

    Command line tools are powerful tools, please refrain from using them without guidance unless you're an advanced user.
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    Hi all
    For any partition management stuff there's plenty of FREE 3rd party apps out there --just boot from a USB / CD and you can manipulate / reorg partitions to you heart's content.

    Always save any user data you might need however before messing around with this stuff.

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    Well... I was going to expand the Windows8 partition. There is about 72GB of free space. But the free space is on the left side.
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    From within Win8 you cannot touch the Win8 C partition. And expanding a partition to freespace on the left does not work with Disk Management either. You have to use Partition Wizard bootable CD or similar.

    Make sure you image your system first. I once lost everything on the disk due to a small mistake I made with Partition Wizard - but I had my images to recover.
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    Mm, the likely reason you cannot expand it is because there are immovable system files in the way. Have you tried defragmenting?
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    I don't think you can touch any disks while you are using them or while they are mounted. They become locked and unable to be unmounted until you shut down the computer. You would have to use an external program to re size a partition.

    If you are willing to risk it you can download GParted Here. Burn them to a CD or install to a USB with UNetbootin and boot the computer from the CD or USB. You can then edit your Hard drive partitions, move them from one side to another, or re size them since they arn't mounted by default.

    Here's a wiki on GParted if you get lost...
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Resizing the Win8 partition
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