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my touchpad is too sensitive when I type it jumps all over

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    I really did not mean to make it about you or it being your fault. Please do not feel mistreated.
    I am quite frustrated that Dell does not help and then to come to the MS forums needing help from a problem that arises from the OS and getting no help here either.
    Not your fault but the system ... again, sorry for the trouble and I do appreciate your extensive knowledge and assistance in the ways you felt you could help me.
    Have a good day

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    Dell Touchpad

    You stated that you want to remove the touchpad so I have to assume that you will be using a mouse.
    The dell version of your touchpad should have an option to disable the touchpad when a mouse is plugged in. I have 3 dell systems and they all have this option.

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    Dell Inspiron Touch Pad/Palm Rest too sensetive fix

    Dell has replaced my my touch-pad/palm rest twice and the unit has been returned to them for repair once. Nothing really changed nor would they acknowledge that they had a problem (sort of like Toyota). The pad is obviously way too sensitive and my cursor did/does all manner of weird things. It was driving me nuts!

    I like the computer. So, as a sort of fix, I found that two layers of cardboard (material such as would be found as the backing material on a typical small paper tablet) placed so as to occlude approx. 3/4" vertically and 1/2" horizontally the lower right corner of the pad worked quite nicely. It's a bit odd looking. When typing the cardboard is now beneath my thumb-wrist palm area. I affixed the cardboard (not to the touch-pad) to the right area adjacent to the touch-pad with double sided scotch tape. I am now pleased with the tablets operation.

    In addition, Dell's Philippine tech cats supplied a program called TouchFreeze (in their many attempts to fix my problem), which am running as well and this may not be needed.

    Hope this helps!
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my touchpad is too sensitive when I type it jumps all over
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