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SD Card issues

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    SD Card issues

    My apologies for the length of this post - but this issue is bugging me and I have so far found no explanation for it.

    I have a card reader on my laptop and used a Micro Sd adapter for my camera cards which always worked (3 years) in Windows 7 but stopped being recognised when I installed Windows 8. I also have a full sized SD card which worked in Win 7 and works in Win 8.

    I assumed that the adapter had developed a fault and now had no way of reading Micro SD on the laptop.

    As I needed a larger capacity card (I only had 4 and 8GB) I bought a 32GB Micro Sd card which came with it's own adapter. When it arrived I put it in my camera, took a couple of pictures and then viewed them - all was OK.
    But when I put it in the adapter and inserted it into the card reader on the laptop Win 8 said it needed formating. So I formatted it.

    I then transferred 10 GB of mp3 files to the card and put it in my satnav which runs WinCE and has a built in music player.
    The device could not see the data on the card. So I put it back in the Laptop reader and Win 8 said it needed formatting - so I went through the process again. But this time I checked the directory content and found half of them were empty even though the copy process shwed no errors and I had seen each indivivual file reported as copied.

    Eventually I found that if I copied less than 6GB to the card it worked OK both on Win 8 and on the WinCE device, anything over 6GB and I had errors.

    Ahhhh - I hear you cry - it's a fake SD card of low capacity sold as a 32GB.

    Well that was my first thoughts too. UNTIL
    1. I tested the card with H2testw and it reported all was well (ie size etc)
    2. I put the card in my Tablet which runs ANDROID, and found that it saw all the files over 6GB which Win 8 was not seeing.

    However if I connected the Tablet to the Laptop, windows Explorer only saw a few of the directories that were available on the SD card in the tablet.

    So I tried this
    - in Win 8 I copied some mp3 directories to the Internal memory on the Tablet, then using the Tablet File Explorer I moved them to the SD card, and the Tablet sees them and plays them with no errors. I now have over 7.5gb on the card all working on the tablet
    - BUT as soon as I move the card to the Win8 laptop or the WinCE device, the card either returns format errors OR will report the content of a number of the directories as empty (and the contents have actually disappeared and have to be re-copied using the tablet).

    I will be carrying out further tests but in the meantime can anyone explain to me why so far it appears that Windows does not view the card contents correctly and corrupts the content whilst Android does not have any problems.

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    What format you formatted the card with ?
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SD Card issues
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