Hello everyone, So I been sending my All in One desktop to Samsung to find out whats wrong with the touch screen. And this is the second time its been sent in in the past 3 weeks. Today they called after it being there for about a day and they told me that the touch screen issue is something wrong with Windows 8 and told me to wait until 8.1 is released. They said when the screen is calibrated with the tablet PC settings that is when the issue happens. (But sadly its the issue still happens) But they say it doesn't.

The issue is when your not using the touch screen it acts like you are and on the right edge of the screen every 5-10mins. How I can tell is I have Rapr installed and it takes screen shots of my desktop. Also I know there is a issue when you have a screensaver and it turns off every 5-10 mins.

So does anyone know of any major touch screen issues in Windows 8 or is Samsung trying to lie to me about trying to fix my computer.