well i say that but it does recognize it at first but whenever i try to move it,that sound when you unplug any USB device is heard and then again when you insert it. I dont think im being very clear but i dont know how else to explain it.It basically unplugs itself and then plugs back in right after.
It was working absolutely fine just 40 minutes ago,played Battlefield 3 for a few hours,was watching a movie after that and i think this problem started when i tried to start the game again,not sure.
Anyways i have restarted the PC several times,From device manager i uninstalled the HD compliant Mice drivers,restarted the PC and then plugged the mouse in and still the same thing. Have tried all USB ports,got a cell phone and a USB keyboard connected to a couple of other ports and both working fine.
Problem is with the mouse only and as far as i can tell,it started for NO reason at all.
Also,when i go to HD compliant mouse properties menu from device manager and select "Check for hardware changes" the PC freezes. Im completely lost here.
Tried the mouse even in the USB3.0 ports and the same thing. The mouse is nothing special,its plugnplay. Got it for like 3$ almost 6-7 months ago and never had a single problem till now.
Have the Win8 64 bit version.