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Advice Buying a Windows 8 USB dual band Wireless Adapter?

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    Advice Buying a Windows 8 USB dual band Wireless Adapter?

    I would appreciate some help deciding on the best purchase of a USB wireless adapter for my Windows 8 computer.

    I use a Netgear WNDR3700v4 dual band Router, but sadly have discovered that my Windows 8 computer's network adapter only receives 2.4Ghz. Thanks to our cordless phones - I lose the internet every time the phone is used (only on the Windows 8 computer - 7 hums along just fine).

    So - I guess I shell out some more money for a USB wireless adapter with 5Ghz capability. I would prefer a mini dongle, but if that's not a good choice I'll live with the stick poking out.

    Anyone care to suggest a brand of USB adapter with 5G that plays well with Windows 8? Does it matter if it's USB 2.0 or 3.0?

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    The WNDA 3700v3 will work great with the router.... comes with a 5 ft. usb cord.
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    Thanks, DMHolt57 - I was hoping for something small I could just stick in the USB port, but I'll definitely look into that one. Hmmm only found info on a Netgear router with a similar model number. I don't need the router, just the wireless adapter for the computer that can access the 5G signal my router broadcasts.
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    That's the router/adapter combo i'm using, and the cable lets me clip the adapter up higher for better reception. Changing the router ssid channel will help with the dropouts caused by the cordless phone, get the charging base for the phone as far away from the router as possible also.
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    OK - Googling didn't bring up a WNDA, but searching Tiger Direct found it. Thanks!
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    Evidently that particular model has been superseded by MNDA 4100. I've written Netgear Support to see what they have to say and also asked a seller on eBay if they have tested that model on Windows 8. If anyone uses it I'd like to know if it is giving you the intermittent disconnect issue that seems to be plaguing Windows 8 before I find out the hard way.
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    Netgear Support finally replied, and they told me to buy the WNDA3100v2. Will update results here when it arrives.
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    I am very pleased to say the WNDA3100v2 is working perfectly with the 5G band of my Netgear WNDR3700v4 Router. I have it set to the highest possible channel, with the stick in the USB 2.0 port. I tried it with the provided USB cable, but found I got the full 300Mbps without it. I've tested that I can call the house and talk on the phone, holding it right there with the computer - signal did not waver at all.

    I did follow the advice I found somewhere here on the forum, and downloaded the Netgear Windows 8 beta driver (WNDA3100v2_Win8 Beta and installed that software BEFORE I connected the adapter. I did NOT use the provided CD.
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Advice Buying a Windows 8 USB dual band Wireless Adapter?
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