I had this system:
mobo - Asus M4N78 Pro
PSU - Antec earthwatts 500w
GPU - XFX HD Raedaon 4770
CPU - AMD Phenom II X 4 940 BE
mouse/keyboard - HP from retail M8300F (PS2 connection)

I've upgraded all of my hardware and moved into a new case and shelved the old system.
When I had the old system operational a year ago, my keyboard/mouse would power off when system was turned off. Now I've reassembled the old system for my son and it all works great except for the mouse and keyboard. Now when the system powers down the mouse/keyboard stays powered on, the lights on the keyboard stay lit and the lazer on the mouse stays lit as well.

I've unticked the box's in device manager for power management, I've checked the BIOS for any setting for power modes and all are disabled. So why does my mouse/keyboard still have power.