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So this pretty much is a sign the HDD is almost done for?

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    So this pretty much is a sign the HDD is almost done for?

    I was working on someones computer to fix...From what the owner said it sounded like someone messed something up and corrupted the factory restore partition so it couldn't finish the restoration.

    I give it a try myself...Immediately I say to myself wow one of the slowest i've seen...I get into the factory restore options and set it to do a clean install and no keeping old files. I walk away while its installing and its at 8%complete ...I come back about 2 hrs later its at 19%...then I give it about 6 hrs and get back to it and its still at that point I shut it off something definitively wasn't right.

    I decided to just use a optical windows installation disk. That took a very long time to install about 3 hrs, but It made it threw...however I still never got past the launching of the desktop...

    What I ended up doing is taking the HDD out of the laptop and prying open one of my external drives and swapping it into the enclosure...It recognized it, but still wonky performance.

    Here's a screen shot.
    Click image for larger version

    I think I'm almost sure that this is ready to die...perhaps its been dropped or banged...but I never experienced one dying myself I only killed them completely by dropping or frying circuits.

    How do I further test? I don't care for data loss as its been wiped already.

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    Sounds toasted to me, download and install HDTUNE, and check the HEALTH status

    Click image for larger version

    you can also run additional tests from here..

    Could be just partition errors or damage, remove all partitions on that drive then recreate them , then retest..
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So this pretty much is a sign the HDD is almost done for?
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