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How to add 2nd sata HDD to pc and boot to either HDD

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    How to add 2nd sata HDD to pc and boot to either HDD

    I have a 1tb sata HDD I removed from my Gateway pc w/ win 7 Premium O/S.
    I just got a Gateway with a 1 tb sata HDD running win8 O/S.
    I want to install the win 7 HDD in the new Gateway and be able to boot from either HDD.
    Ive got a core i5 3.00ghz w/ 6gb RAM.

    What is the best way for me to proceed. I want to do it right the first time and hope it goes smooth.

    Let me know what specs you need to determine the install and config.


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    Hey Jrz,

    First thing, backup all important files from both systems in case things get out of control.

    Download your ethernet and/or wireless card drivers for your new motherboard for windows 7 you will need them copy them to a USB drive or CD

    Next is to disconnect your WIN8 drive from the harddrive itself but leave the cable on the motherboard.

    Disconnect ALL usb devices except KB and Mouse

    A wired network will be best for this if not available then leave the wireless connected.

    Next install the WIN7 harddrive by itself but do not use the SATA port or cable that your Win8 drive is using

    Now turn on your PC and start windows 7 in safemode with networking

    You will have to update all the drivers for your motherboard for windows 7

    At this point you will have no internet, this is where the drivers you downloaded comes in..,

    Update your ethernet and/or wireless drivers to gain internet access

    Start with the motherboard drivers, chipsets, then add-on cards such as video.

    Some drivers wont take, youll have to skip them and come back to them later, windows will only accept things in a certain order.

    Perform all windows updates when available, reboot when necessary ( it may be a few times, but do them )

    If all is well at this point we can move on to reinstating your Win 8

    Lets get this stable first..
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    Maryland USA
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    Windows 8 & Windows 7 Dual Boot


    you should also download your motherboard chipset drivers for windows 7, in case your ethernet card does not show up without it
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    Activation could be a problem "migrating" Win7 from the old PC to the new PC. IF this is a retail version, it should be OK and you might not even have to reactivate. But, if Win7 is an OEM version that came preinstalled on the old PC, not only can you not Legally "migrate" to another PC, it's likely that OEM version activates through the BIOS on the old PC -- which means it's not going to activate on the new PC.
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    Also the Gateway Windows 8, would have been installed in UEFI mode, & the Gateway Windows 7, would have been installed in Legacy mode, therefore Windows 7 will not boot.
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How to add 2nd sata HDD to pc and boot to either HDD
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