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Win8 not managing well enabling/disabling network adapters

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    Win8 not managing well enabling/disabling network adapters

    Friends I have a Gateway NV52L15U amd a8-based 15" laptop with win 8.
    it works pretty well except for a few things that I suspect are related, and I suspect all three are due to how 8 is managing the drivers of the devices
    - Network performance, in terms of starting up, latching the WIFI AP successfully, and getting online, is unreliable. oddly, it seems that it does not like disabling the Ethernet [CAT5] device, leaving the WIFI enabled. If I leave both enabled, wifi performance seems more stable [gaining and holding the connection]

    - When I disable the CAT5 connection using the windows 8 adapter settings pane, the utility will hang, but not consistently. sometimes it hangs until it is forced to stop via taskmanager or restart, but not always. sometimes it merely takes a VERY long time - showing the hated hourglass while it takes as long as 7-8 minutes.

    - Shutdowns and/or restarts can take an extremely long time. However, it seems again that if both network adapters are enabled [builtin wifi and builtin Ethernet] the reboot or shutdown seems to go a bit more normally.

    - Sometimes the WIFI will not actually connect, as evidenced by IE and/or Chrome being unable to access the network. if I check windows using the taskbar widget, it will show the system "Connected to .." the AP and having "Internet Access". That little utility is mis-reporting. When I DISABLE the WIFI adapter via control panel util, the little taskbar widget may, or may not, still show the WIFI Device as "Connected".... I assume that the adjustment of that feedback mechanism is caught waiting for something, so slow to respond to the disabling of the device

    Yes, I have uninstalled via windows both devices AND their drivers, and reinstalled each using fresh, checked driver files from Gateway/Acer. all the issues were there before and after.

    all tips/advice/helps appreciated.

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    Hi cognus,

    You seem pretty well versed in troubleshooting so I doubt that I can help you; however, I will make the following statements based on my experience with Windows 8 and this experience comes from using a desktop and Laptop on a daily basis:

    Win 8 is the fastest starting OS I've ever used - 6 second boot to desktop
    Win 8 has the fastest shutdown times I've ever experienced - desktop about 1-2 seconds, laptop about 3-5 seconds
    My laptop has no wifi connectivity issues under Win 8 - in fact, I could almost swear that it is running faster than Win 7

    Now, if I were you, and I were starting to troubleshoot this issue, I would be focusing on the connectivity to the router, the protocols being used by your desktop and laptop, and the capabilities of the router. So, is the router Win 8 Ready. Can it handle both IPV4 and IPV6? The reason I'm focusing my attention in that area is because I had an old router when I first installed Win 8 and my connection speeds seemed to be suffering a bit; however, once I upgraded my router to one with 10/100/1000 ports that was IPV4 and IPV6 capable (eg Win 8 ready), everything improved immensely. Please understand that I am just generalizing here so take the information for what it might be worth. Good luck.

    Oh, one more thing. Did you do a clean install of Win 8? If so, what partition structure did you end up with? 350MB system reserved + the rest to C: (for a legacy install)? If not, and you somehow did a Win 8 install, using the original Gateway partition structure, I can almost guarantee you that this would cause some issues.
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    This may not help, but...

    I had similar issues with my Dell D630 laptop with physical wireless switch. I've set the switch in the BIOS to handle Wi-Fi only and in addition set the "auto-switch" feature to enabled. The latter one basically disables the wireless card when wired connection is made.

    Check the Gateway BIOS, if it has similar features....
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Win8 not managing well enabling/disabling network adapters
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