Hi all,

Newbie here on the forums, so please be gentle.

I have been offered the Acer W511 64gb (Acer W511 is the 3G version of the W510) from my mobile network at a great price (Yes I know it works out more in the long run, but for my current budget it is ideal) & I was wondering if any owners are ably to clarify if it can do the the following things without too much of a struggle, as I understand it runs on a Atom processor & not a juicy i3 / i5 series.

(1) View video files at full screen like Divx, Avi, H264, MP4 (I have seen choppy videos on YouTube from the device but think that this could be to do with certain codecs ?)

(2) View flash based video from various streaming sites like Sky Go, Al Jaferez etc etc

(2) Flash based games like Candy Crush. I am not a big PC gamer as normally stick to console gaming, but do need my Candy Crush fix when away from home.

(3) The ability to install software such as Cakewalk, so that when it is in tablet mode, I able to read the sheet music on the screen, whilst I am playing instruments.

(4) Occasional use of Office & Printing

(5) Decent battery life is a must for when I go on long train journeys, I currently use a Galaxy S3 for music & web browsing when on the train & find that on say a 6hr journey, the battery is near enough gone. So a tablet would save draining the mobile.

I am not too fussed on the ability of multitasking & would only be doing a single thing at any one time, unless of course I am on Facebook & using Skype or other chat client to send messages. Or on Facebook & wish to view a video that someone has posted.

Will this tablet do the above things or am I better off selling some organs & get something else ?

Many Thanks.