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Xbox 360 Controller to Navigate Windows 8 Metro - why not?

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    Xbox 360 Controller to Navigate Windows 8 Metro - why not?

    To me, this is a huge oversight on Microsoft's part. Imagine being able to boot up your PC, go to Metro, then fire up Steam big picture mode and play your games without ever needing to touch your mouse and keyboard (except, of course, if you are playing an FPS or RTS :3 )

    I don't get why this is not supported. It is just such a massive oversight. When I hit the Xbox logo on my controller I would want my PC to switch to Metro mode and allow the navigation of my PC using the thumbsticks, D-pad and face buttons.

    I just can't wrap my head around why this isn't here. Microsoft are trying to be very universal about their devices. Xbox, Zune, Windows, they are trying to get everything into one interface and one brand, so why is the Xbox Controller not supported with Windows for navigational purposes? Completely nuts.

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    Our military is using xbox controllers to control bomb disarming and other robots in Afghanistan.

    They say the soldiers are so used to the controllers they dont have the downtime of teaching them a new control system.

    So why not our operating system as well??
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    that would be cool. our Xbox already has the Metro-like UI.

    bumpers for faster scrolling. triggers to zoom in and out. lots of potential.
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Xbox 360 Controller to Navigate Windows 8 Metro - why not?
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