So one morning I put some music on my microSD card. The card was inserted in my Samsung Galaxy SII Android phone (it has been in there since Christmas) and the phone was connected to my Windows 8 PC via a USB cable.

I transferred the music directly to the card as it has always came up as a separate drive when I plugged my phone into the computer.

When the transfer was done, I right clicked on the drive and ejected it as I have always done. I verified that the music was on the phone and went to work.

I am not sure what my phone was doing that day, but it felt really hot and the battery drained really fast.

When I tried to listen to the music on my break, but the music was not listed on my list of songs/artists, but the music was still available in the file browser.

Then later all my apps that were saved on the SD card were not there, nor my pictures or music that was on the SD card...

I connected my phone to the computer and it recognized the phone internal storage, but the SD card did not appear. I tried putting the SD card in my Motorola Xoom table (also Android) and it did not recognize it. I tried putting the card in my wife's BlackBerry and it did not recognize it.

I put the card in a Multi card reader and tried it in every USB slot in the computer and it is not recognized (other microSD cards are recognized when used in the card reader).

My assumption is that my phone must have fried the microSD card? Does this sound familiar to anyone? Is there a way to get the data off of this as I don't want to loose all the pictures that were on there!