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WP8 Navigation Review

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    WP8 Navigation Review

    My contract is almost up and I can upgrade my phone in a couple of weeks. I've spent many hours making sure I can make the switch to WP8, I don't foresee any obstacles I can't overcome. I am going to get a Nokia Lumia 928.

    The one thing I can't seem to find any good reviews about is the navigation abilities of the phone. I guess Nokia uses their Here Drive mapping software. I use TomTom on my Android phone.

    I use navigation a lot, so I need to know: Am I going to be disappointed with the Windows phone navigation abilities?

    Note: I should mention this is navigation for the United States.
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    I have a Nokia Lumia 920, but I'm not a heavy user of Here Drive+. For my occasional usage, it has worked well -- pinpointed me quickly, located where I wanted to go, used a good route, and the voice turn-by-turn was good. I have read where some heavy users are not happy with it. I'm in the US also.
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    I have used Here Drive a bit on my Nokia 928. It has saved me a few times.
    The really cool thing is, You can use local scout or Bing Search and Local to look up a location/store/whatever
    Click on the location you want, scroll over to Apps, click on Here Maps (Here Drive is not in there, yet) then you can start navigation, which will take you into Here Drive and you are on your way. A few clicks yes but way easier than trying to find an address and enter it in manually.

    Also, on my WP7.5 I figured out a way to change the zip code to the location I wanted to search in Local Scout, like around a hotel that you might be staying, and see what was there before you even got there. I can't figure that out yet in WP8, yet.

    Also, you can download state maps for offline use, which is really really nice.

    Here City Lens is pretty nice also, I couldn't believe all the things that were around us that I never knew about.

    I should add that Here Drive is not Perfect and still Beta. but it does work.

    You still have Bing Maps which provides Turn by Turn information.
    Also, there are other ways that gets you to Here Drive faster than what I stated above.
    Play around with it, you can always install Garmin Street Pilot or Others
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    Great, thanks. I'm glad it works well and there are other options. Can't wait to get my hands on something different.

    Despite all the hate out there, I'm having fun with Windows 8.

    Have a good one.
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WP8 Navigation Review
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