Recently a friend asked me to fix his computer. It was freezing and sometimes showing a BSOD (irql_not_less_or_equal). At the end of the day I confirmed that the problem was with one of the two memory sticks, in his case 2x2GB of Kingston DDR2 HyperX 900MHz CL5 1.9v. I only had one 2GB Markvision 667MHz CL5 to give him, so I installed it, and for my surprise I got it working at 925MHz (5-5-5-18) @ 2.1v with no side effect (~40% OC). I ran memtest86+ for a couple of hours with no error. What drives me crazy is that such cheap generic memory is performing better than the XMS2 800 MHz that I installed in my sister rig last month, in which I couldn't manage to get a tinny 20% OC.

What else can I say?