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Installing 4 identical Ram modules will not work, but beep

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    Installing 4 identical Ram modules will not work, but beep

    Hey guys, today I just found my 2 ram modules hidden in my drawers, since these 2 are the same as the 2 I am using along with 2 other modules, I decided to install the 4 identical ram modules(GEIL 1D DDR2 800mhz). Initially, I had 2 ramaxel 1g 667mhz and 2 GEIL 1G DDR2 800mhz. When I did this, there were several beeps, I couldn't define how many because the beeps sounded weird and not in sequence. Some pauses were longer than the other. When I hear it longer, I think it's 2 or 3 beeps. I have never seen anyone have problems with installing identical rams as its the optimal thing to do and most users do it. Here's my computer manual,
    Please help

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    I don't know why but some systems, particularly OEM, will have problems when all 4 RAM slots are used. The only solution I know is don't do it.
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    Have you tried using the two pairs individually? That would be a start in determining whether any of the 4 DIMMs are defective.

    Some motherboards will not run 4 sticks of some makes of RAM reliably. Sometimes you can help that with BIOS settings (RAM voltages and timings), but the BIOS options in a Dell may be limited. (You'd need to be able to get into the BIOS settings anyway, but if you're getting startup beeps, you probably can't get there.)

    You could get a kit from Crucial that guarantees compatibility:

    Computer memory upgrades for Dell Dimension E520 Desktop/PC from

    but I can't recommend spending $72US on 4GB of RAM unless you're desperate. (If you had a newer PC that supported DDR RAM, you could buy 2X4GB of DDR3 for $51.)
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Installing 4 identical Ram modules will not work, but beep
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