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Win8's Explorer won't recognize blank DVDs but ImgBurn can

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    Win8's Explorer won't recognize blank DVDs but ImgBurn can

    I installed Win8 Pro on a Dell Studio 1537 laptop that used to run Vista. Win 8 Pro was installed in Dec 2012 and has all Microsoft Win8 updates installed.

    When I try to burn files on a blank DVD disc using Win8's Explorer, I get a message that says:

    "Insert a disc
    Please insert a writable disc into drive M:"

    The blank disc is then ejected. Even if I reinsert a different blank DVD disc and try again, the same thing happens.

    However, if I open ImgBurn and use the "same" blank DVD disc, ImgBurn recognizes the blank DVD disc and is ready to burn.

    It should be noted that I never tried to burn DVDs using Vista's Explorer so I don't know if that ever worked. I just used ImgBurn while I was running Vista. I know I can just use ImgBurn with Win8 but I would like to know why Win 8's Explorer won't recognize blank DVD discs. Is this a known problem that has a fix?

    Any ideas?

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    Drive "M" sounds like the problem. Normally the Optical Drive is not "Drive M".
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    It don't matter what drive letter is assigned to the optical drive. But, that being said - Try changing your drive to D, E or F. Mine is E but I've had em G, H, I no problem in the past.
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    The reason I mentioned the "M" drive is that Windows, for whatever reason, may think that is the optical drive, even though it has the Optical drive as "D" or "E".
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    I changed the optical drive's letter from "M" to "E". No help.

    It should be noted that when I insert a DVD with a movie on it, the DVD does not autoplay. Could this be related to the problem?

    I went into Win8's CONTROL PANEL > AUTOPLAY and the option "Use AutoPlay for all media and devices" is checked. So I don't know why a DVD with a movie on it will not autoplay.

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Win8's Explorer won't recognize blank DVDs but ImgBurn can
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