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External DVD Drive keeps disconnecting/reconnecting

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    External DVD Drive keeps disconnecting/reconnecting

    Like the title states: my external dvd drive keeps disconnecting and reconnecting from both the front and rear USB ports of my PC. It appears in Device Manager for a second and then disappears. The drive is connected via a SATA/USB converter and plugged directly into an electrical socket.

    It also makes loading and ejecting sounds.

    This is really frustrating at this point...

    Thanks for your input!

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    Maryland USA
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    Is this a laptop?

    How often does it connect/disconnect?

    Does it do it while in use or after being left alone?

    Is your computer putting it to sleep?

    Change your power plan to max performance and see if the problem goes away.

    If it does we can tweak the settings and go bacvk to your normal power plan
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    It's a brand-new HP Desktop which I baught in December and had to a system recovery on the weekend due to a complication with the registry filters - my PC wouldn't boot.

    It connects/disconnects every second or so.

    It does it pretty much all the time it's plugged in.

    I doubt my computer is putting it to sleep.

    Just changed my power settings to high performance...was on balanced before.
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    Edit: Same issue on laptop computer so I power-cycled the drive, unplugged all the cables then re-plugged the power cable and it's not making strange loading/ejecting noises anymore. Will try to connect it to my PC and possible burn a disk!
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    Everything was going fine but the dang thing disconnected when my burning program (Imgburn) was finalizing the disk!
    any help would be appreciated...
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    Maryland USA
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    It really looks like your computer is making it go to sleep..

    lets refresh your power plan...

    at elevated command prompt type powercfg -restoredefaultschemes

    disable screen saver for now, see how that runs...
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External DVD Drive keeps disconnecting/reconnecting
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