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SATA/USB dock problem

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    Unfortunately there is not a hard disk sticker. Have managed to find manufacturers site but no help as the info they give for pin settings relates to 2 rows of parallel pins like :::: . One thing I have found out is that they do not manufacture Hdd's they refurbish only. As the dish was originally purchased new (but in a caddy with usb only) I wonder what our trading standards would say about second hand parts being sold as new. What would be the situation in the USA?

    When I get chance I will swap the leads so the dock is on sata 1 and move leave the others as they are since they work ??????. While I have motherboard access will also try connecting direct to sata port to see if fault on backplate - doubt it as it is only a male/female converter, no electronics.

    Another stupid thing dock was showing in explorer but have done a reboot and guess what --- it has gone and also gone from dev mgr. a rescan does not find it so will give up for now till I can swap cables.

    I must be mad using a computer. We did not have these problems in the days of pencils and paper. We even had rubbers (not French or was that letters - too old to remember) to erase mistakes

    Best wishes


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    Its ok, in your device manager look at disk drives, andf the model number should be there, ill get the specs for you and well see what the jumper settings are..

    You probably wont need to change it as long as you dont leave the external drive on while booting.

    werent you going to reformat that drive?
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    Yes intention was and is to reformat and then use drive as backup for music /doc / email backups
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    Hi Folks

    Who is a silly prat then

    Problem has sort of been sorted. The answer was TRTBM ( To Read The Bloody Manual ) properly. There are two sets of Jumpers each having four rows of 3 connectors. basically pins 1 & 2 on all are for external ports and 3 & 4 are for internal ports. Guess who had them all set to Internal and tried to connect to external.

    Sorry to confuse everyone and I guess I owe some a beer or three

    Regards to all

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SATA/USB dock problem
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