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Tablet recommendation?

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    I am using a HP Slate 500 windows 8 works great on it, much better than windows 7 and the handwriting recognition is brilliant! Have to say I love it!

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    Using a Samsung Series 7 here - it's not hard to give up a keyboard when Bluetooth keyboards are small and lightweight nowadays, with good battery life. My bag is down to the slate itself, power supply, Bluetooth keyboard/mouse combo, and a USB video out adapter. If I could have waited for a Win8 device later this year I would have waited for the Yoga, but I needed a new laptop at the end of last year, and the Series 7 has performed admirably. I'll think about picking up a convertible next year though .
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    I have a HP Slate 500 and both CP and RP work great on it, in fact the hadwriting recognition is awesome! Much better that win 7 also Win 8 seems a lot faster.
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    I have an Asus eee ep121 Slate on order. From the research I've done into Win 8, it ought to be able to run Win 8 awesomely
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    The Microsoft Surface....
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    Google up and You Tubed for Asus Taichi , a 2 screen hybrid zen like sized ultrabook plus tablet when lid down , you can use with both screen on at the same time ( i let you think of why you need that for ) , or like a ultrabook with a very good keyboard and full sized mousepad , or like a touchscreen tablet when the lid is closed / down . Expensive though , just launched recently but will be out for sale soon , take a look and see how you like it or not
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    Quote Originally Posted by sashlon View Post
    I have an Asus eee ep121 Slate on order. From the research I've done into Win 8, it ought to be able to run Win 8 awesomely
    I recently got Windows 8 all configured on my EP121; works beautifully!

    Things to watch out for:
    1. I was getting an Asus ACPI error message box on my desktop immediately. Went away after I made sure all my Asus collateral was up to date; in addition to drivers and ACPI, Asus has released a BIOS upgrade for the ep121 that specifically addresses Windows 8 problems. Without the update the volume, Windows key, and on-screen keyboard buttons won't do anything.
    2. If the on-screen keyboard suddenly gets very tiny, you may need to install the latest Wacom drivers for tablet PCs. This solved the issue for me.

    To update the ASUS BIOS:
    1. Go here ASUS
    2. Navigate to ASUS Support Site
    3. Click "Download"
    4. Type in ep121 in the Model Name Search box and choose Eee Slate EP121 from the search results
    5. Choose Windows 7 64bit as the OS
    6. Under BIOS you'll notice BIOS release 701 adds support for hotkeys under Windows 8; download that baby! (Or whatever's newest if there have been more added by the time you read this)
    7. Under Utilities you'll find the Asus WinFlash Utility, which is what you'll use to update the BIOS with the file you just downloaded.
    8. When everything's been downloaded, run the WinFlash utility from the desktop and try to flash the BIOS with the latest file in the 701 release.

    To update the Wacom driver:
    1. Go here Drivers | Wacom Americas
    2. Choose "Tablet PC" for the tablet model and Windows 7 for the operating system (at least until they add Windows 8 to the dropdown)
    3. Grab that Enhanced Graphics Driver and save it somewhere you can find it.
    4. Run Setup.exe

    If you run into any additional hardware-seeming errors (I've seen some talk about the bluetooth keyboard, though I haven't had any issues yet) I bet the other EP121-specific downloads from ASUS will cure what ails you.
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    I can assure everyone in saying that there is a POOP TON of new tablet PCs arriving now. Sony, Dell, Samsung, ASUS, and Toshiba have announced tablet PCs. Lenevo, HP, Samsung, Dell have announced touch AIO PCs as well.
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Tablet recommendation?
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