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    No no I try to keep it to 2-3 so right now I own the iPad 4 and the Note 10.1. But once I get the Thinkpad 2 tomorrow morning from UPS I plan to sell my iPad to my boss. Then I will probably sell the Note in a couple of months because I'm sure I'll want the ipad 5 with ios 7 sometime this fall.

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    I'm a tablet guy as well. though more for fun than for any real work (save that for my desktop/laptops).

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    I have my iPad 2, an Android tablet with ICS, and a Kindle Fire.
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    Another big tablet junkie checking in! Currently have:

    iOS: iPad 3, iPad 1

    Asus TF700T, Asus TF101, Vizio VTAB 1008

    Windows 8:
    Samsung Series Slate 7, Sony VAIO Duo 11

    That said. I'm still looking for the ideal tablet...
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    I understand the "ideal tablet" search! So far I'm really liking the Think Pad 2. In my recent flurry of tablet attempts I came away with a list of things I was currently looking for.

    1) 10.1 inch form factor - I loved the Samsung Ativ 500T and it was great at work and even at home but in the car and at church it was just too big at 11.5 and it felt awkward to me.

    2) Wacom style digitizer - I am now spoiled to using a stylus and not one of the fluffy cushion style that most tablets require but the hard tipped pen like style. What a world of difference for writing and drawing!

    3) Windows Pro and not RT - I do use my tablet in a work/home environment and I want to be able to get things other than what is available in the Windows Store

    4) Battery Life - 10 hours is overkill for me as I am most always around an outlet but I never want to be tied down to the 3-4 hours that the Surface Pro offers. So yes i3 or i5 processor would be great but I'll gladly take the extra 6 hours battery life, reduced weight, and much reduced cost to have the Atom processor.

    5) Performance - I can't stand lag... PERIOD! Lag is unacceptable! I'm very happy to say that in most of my Windows 8 tablet trials I have not noticed the lag issues that reviewers complain about with the Atom processors. I am not a big media consumer or a big game player. I use Office 2013, I surf the web, I check a ton of email, I read, I am heavily task oriented with To-Do Prime, I do some PDF work, etc... When watching youtube or videos it is best to do so from Windows 8 apps to avoid lag so I don't consider these work arounds I consider these the method provided for a smooth operation for my machine to work. I bought this knowing that it is an Atom processor.

    Early results after 2 days:
    1) My iPad is being sold this weekend to my boss after I have gotten all the info off that I want on my TP2
    2) My Galaxy Note 10.1 will probably go the route of Ebay in a week or 2 and then I will be down to 1 tablet!

    This is that good in my opinion!
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Lenovo Thinkpad 2
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