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SSD partition on c: sys drive. has no letter 'unallocated'

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    SSD partition on c: sys drive. has no letter 'unallocated'

    Hello....great forum!
    my C: is a SSD Id like to have back as one disc, one partition..

    The 101 mb 'unallocated' It was previously listed as " reserved system protected drive" I removed and formatted its 101 mb...back to empty, unallocated, can I lose that partition??

    It shows up under disc management as a part of c...but really has no drive letter at all it just shows as C:

    Many thx for ideas rick

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    Are you currently using that C as your OS partition, if so, you need that other partition as is..

    101mb is roughly the equivalent of 60 photos, your temp internet files can be 10x that amount. and its not not taking up a drive letter.

    Do you really want/need that space?
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    Don't delete that partition. It contains hidden system files necessary to run your OS from c drive or to initiate system recovery when something goes wrong.
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    oh wow thanks for responses...forgot to say... that was from 7 im on 8/64 now seems to be ok, im still working on killing the metro LOL but yes, id like it merged, cant use it as is, info is gone...was only ever a few kb.
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SSD partition on c: sys drive. has no letter 'unallocated'
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