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SSD 32 gig & HDD 500 gg. Programs to be installed

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    SSD 32 gig & HDD 500 gg. Programs to be installed

    New to yr forum.
    Fuji UH572 nice machine but,
    tried to installed my software from CD, all prohrams were installed on C: the SSD which obviously could not take more after a while
    My D: 500 gig came completely blank, unless I manually load it..
    How can I use D: and force it to be regarded as my main storage device for apps, downloads etc.. ?

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    Since 32GB is somewhat limited of space and installation of Windows 8 alone will take about ~20GB. That leaves you with 12GB to play with. However, I think it could be done.

    1. Depending on how much RAM you have in your system, Windows will allocate 1.5x~2x of HD space for Pagefile.sys so you want to relocate the pagefile.sys to your D: Drive.
      Control Panel->System->Advanced System Settings->Performance Settings->Advanced->Change
    2. Turn off hibernation since you cannot relocate the Hiberfil.sys from C: Drive.
    3. Install your applications as usual ie. everything will be put in either C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (X86)
    4. Let us make an example for clarity, say you want to install Adobe Reader. After installation, you'll have a folder called adobe under C:\Program Files (X86) if running 64 bit or C:\Program Files if running under 32 bit.
    5. Create a folder in D Drive and name it as D:\MyApps (or whatever you want to call it)
    6. Now move adobe folder to D:\MyApps
    7. Open the elevated command prompt and type:
      mklink /J "C:\program Files (X86)\adobe" "D:\MyApps\adobe" -> add quotes if string contains spaces
      This provides the ability to keep a single copy of files under D:\MyApps\adobe yet have them appeared in C:\program Files (X86)\adobe folder but does not occupy any storage space except a few bytes for the link.
    8. Repeat step 7 for additional applications.

    You can do this for download folder or anything you want to redirect to D drive.
    For folders in Libraries, just right click->Properties on the folders and include the PATH to D Drive.

    EDIT: Do not touch anything came installed with Windows. Just for 3rd party applications only.

    Hope this helps !!!
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    32 gb is plenty for most apps most of the time. I actually make my windows partition 30 gb, and never had a problem, right now it's taking about 23gb(including most of the applications). That is without hibernation file tough, it takes some good gigs, so you really should try to go without it if possible Hibernate - Enable or Disable - Windows 7 Help Forums

    There are some programs that you should put on D: ,for example steam, or any game or application that takes huge amounts of disk space. You can do that when installing them.

    Also make sure to move your user folders to D:. I use option two of this tutorial: User Folders - Change Default Location - Windows 7 Help Forums And move my documents, my images, and my videos.

    i agree with most of what topgundcp,tough point 7. to 8. is more of a last resort method, and you must be really carefull when doing it. Also as you want the SSD to hold the program files, for the faster access.

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    Yeah, 32GB is going to be very tight just for Windows by itself. By time you install the OS and patch it, your drive is going to be at least 65% full. I don't recommend that anybody use anything than 80GB.

    There really is no way to make everything default to your second hard drive. During program installation, you will usually have to do a custom install and point it at D:\something to ensure that it installs on the other hard drive.
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SSD 32 gig & HDD 500 gg. Programs to be installed
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