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sony z11 audio disappeared from device manager (realtek)

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    sony z11 audio disappeared from device manager (realtek)

    Hey guys,

    My audio disappeared and stopped working. my audio icon has a red x on it and when i click it it wants to detect problems (it doesn't work).

    what should i do? how should I diagnose the audio? I feel like this is hardware problem as it just happened out of the blue. The audio board has a USB connection (which is working) so the connection from it to the mother board is fine.

    installing and updating the driver did nothing.
    I can't get the device manager to detect the hardware (scanning does nothing).

    any help would be appreciated.


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    What exactly do you have for audio? From your mention of USB I would assume you have an external USB connected sound device of some sort???? Or is the USB mention not really related to your sound and you have the typical internal (on the motherboard) sound device (and you mention RealTek which is internal).

    More distinct info on what you have is needed. Also, please fill in the "My System Specs" as that helps someone to try and assist you.

    However, two things to start with. (1) if this is a recent problem, use the System Restore function and restore the PC to an earlier available system restore point when it did work. (2) If the system restore does not fix it, reinstall the Sony supplied driver.

    Sony eSupport - VPCW221AX/Z - Support
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    Fireberd, thanks for the reply.

    I should have explained it better:

    I have a sony VPC-z116GA laptop running windows 8 x64 (from this thread). The internal audio board (which is a realtek) has a USB port. you can see it here. It has been working fine for the past few months. and suddenly, a few days ago, I noticed the sound was no longer working. I do not have a restore point that is far back enough as I make restore points quite often.

    The USB port is working fine, since the audio board uses the same ribbon cable, it is not a connection problem to the motherboard. It is either a hardware problem of the audio component of the USB/AUDIO board or a software issue.

    Sony drivers are always outdated. I know that the driver straight from realtek works fine. The issue is that the hardware is no longer detected.

    How should I proceed in detecting the on board audio? safemode did not do it. Neither did any drivers (old or new).


    update: found an old backup (march 29) trying it now. will report back if anything.

    The march 29th restore point did not fix the problem. everything points to a hardware issue. is there a way I can definitively diagnose the audio board?
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    Generally, the PC vendor's drivers are preferred. RealTek even has a notice on their downloads to go to the vendor and get the drivers. Some (many) PC Vendors have custom implementations on their motherboard and the main reason to use the vendor's drivers (especially when troubleshooting).

    I see the sub assembly you reference. Have you tried reseating that module?

    Does the Device Manager show the sound and is there an error code? If its not shown at all, suggest reinstalling any motherboard chipset drivers and then the Sony supplied sound driver.
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    By reseating, do you mean taking the laptop apart and checking (unplugging replug) the connection? if so, no i haven't done that. But will probably do it tonight.

    The device manager does not show anything at all. even under hidden devices. I will figure out what chipset driver i need.

    The sonny supplied sound driver does not work with windows 8. From my experience and others, other drivers through realtek have been working fine.

    I will report back after i disassemble the laptop.

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    unplugged and replugged the ribbon cable (which also connects the working HDD). did not change anything. what should I do now?

    update: updating bios also did not resolve the issue.
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    Reinstall the motherboard chipset drivers then the sound drivers, see if that helps. One of the things the chipset drivers do is indentify all the devices on or attached to the motherboard. That I/O panel may not actually contain the sound chip but it was worth a try.
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    updated chipset driver did nothing as well.
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    Sounds like it is a hardware failure. I don't know if that sub board actually has the sound chip on it or just the sound I/O. If you can confirm that it has the sound chip then I would chance its bad and get a replacement. If its on the motherboard, and the chipset drivers didn't help it is time for a an external USB connected sound "card". That would be cheaper than a new motherboard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fireberd View Post
    Sounds like it is a hardware failure. I don't know if that sub board actually has the sound chip on it or just the sound I/O. If you can confirm that it has the sound chip then I would chance its bad and get a replacement. If its on the motherboard, and the chipset drivers didn't help it is time for a an external USB connected sound "card". That would be cheaper than a new motherboard.
    hmm i did not think of that (i/o vs. chip)... i will figure it out. I made an image from my current OS. gonna perform a clean install and use the same exact drivers I used last time (which i know work). if that doesn't work I will know for sure that it is a hardware issue.

    thanks of the help.
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sony z11 audio disappeared from device manager (realtek)
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