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Windows 8 HTPC Rii Mini Keyboard Bluetooth Issues

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    Windows 8 HTPC Rii Mini Keyboard Bluetooth Issues

    So, my Rii Mini Keyboard with Trackpad (RT-MWK02) finally arrived from Newegg last night.

    The unit came with a small USB bluetooth adapter.

    I plugged the adapter in, but the keyboard in discoverable mode, typed in the password Windows gave me, and everything worked perfectly on the first try!

    Then I decided I didn't like the USB port I plugged the bluetooth adapter into (it has a rather bright red LED, and I plugged it in to the front of the HTPC which was distracting, so I decided to move it to the back.

    Removed the USB adapter, plugged it back in, bluetooth adapter is discovered by Windows again, but no input from the keyboard.

    I try re-pairing it. Windows never discovers the new device.

    I go to the list of devices, and remove it from the list, and try re-pairing it again. Again, windows does not discover the keyboard, even though the bluetooth adapter is still present (and functional) in windows.

    Just in case it's a weird USB issue, I move the adapter back to the original port where it once worked, and still it does not pair with the HTPC.

    In all of the cases it simply is not discovered by the Windows 8 machine when searching, like it was the first time.

    To make sure there is nothing wrong with the keyboard, I try to pair it with my cellphone (Samsung Galaxy S3) and it works perfectly. (it's a little odd to see a mouse pointer on a cellphone screen, but I digress)

    So again, I disconnect it, and try to pair it with Windows 8 again, to no avail.

    My best guess is that Windows 8 somehow is remembering the paired device (even though it's been deleted from the list of devices) and simply won't find it again.

    Does anyone have any experience with this?

    I appreciate the help.


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    Why don't you try restoring your PC to the earlier state before plugging in your Rii. It might help wiping out the info already stored in the system and start fresh again.

    You have a very nice smartphone. I also have an android phone (HTC One X) and sometimes I use it to control my HTPC. Download the FREE app on your phone and then download the server on your PC and you can control your HTPC smoothly via your home wifi network. You can even turn on your PC thru WOL (wake-on-lan) and turn it off also just using your smartphone. You might think about returning you Rii after trying the Unified Remote App.
    My other HTPC controller is a logitech K-400 wireless keyboard with heat pad. It's always nice to have a full size keyboard with any PC. It also has a tiny USB dongle which didn't have the same problem like you have now even if I plug and unplug it to the front and back of the HTPC.

    BTW, This isn't me on the video. I just grabbed it from youtube...hahaha. Cheers!
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Windows 8 HTPC Rii Mini Keyboard Bluetooth Issues
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