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usb ports reset

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    usb ports reset

    I have a strange issue that started appearing when I installed win 8, all my USB ports seem to reset with no apparent reason on different time periods, from a few minutes to hours, its like I unplugged the thing that's in the usb, and put it back in, its really annoying since my wirelles is via usb so I loose my connection every time it happens, its not I hardware problem because when I switch to win 7 it runs perfect

    I have checked the drivers for the usb and it says its up to date, any ideas whats causing this ?

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    hi,list the make and model of the computer ,it may not be a hardware issue but it sounds like a driver issue ,its possible that its a compatibility issue with win8 ,does your computer manufacture offer win8 drivers on there web site
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    it is a custom build pc, as I said in the first post, on win 7 everything works fine so it has to do something with the drivers or some softwear, the motherboard, on which the usb ports are, is gigabyte 770t-d3l
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usb ports reset
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