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Touch screen glitches, trouble shooting and questions

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    Touch screen malfunction, PLEASE HELP!

    Asus x202e
    Windows 8 (64 bit)

    I got my Asus Vivobook x202e about two days ago after ordering it from Amazon around the 4th or 5th of April 2013. Upon start up, several times I noticed that sometimes there is a circular pattern on the screen. It appears on start-up about half of the time and always in the same spot.

    Click image for larger version

    Screen issues: When it appears the touchscreen is a pain to use. In the start menu, when this circle appears, scrolling from left to right makes me zoom in and out of the tiles instead of going from left to right and I don't get inertial scrolling. Switching to desktop mode and back to start up menu would resolve the issue, sometime. Sometimes it disappears on it's own after a few seconds, sometimes it stays there for much much longer (+30 minutes). When using desktop mode it limits my touch capabilities to only scrolling up and down on a webpage. When I touch the screen (anywhere on the screen) while the circle appears, a similar circle is produced. When I touch something like the minimize button on Google chrome the botton stays highlighted but doesn't actually minimize. Also when the circle appears when the lock screen is on, the screen begins to shake like someone with Parkinson's Disease has their finger on the screen. (Sorry if that was offensive but it was the only way I could give a good visual of the problem)

    Cursor issues: During this time my cursor moves itself to the spot and behaves erratically (moves from left to right and in circles) but it usually last for a few seconds and my touch pad is fully operational and doesn't give trouble. I guess I should also mention that most of the time when I have touch screen issues the mouse works just fine.

    Troubleshooting: This is what I've done so far:
    1. Windows Update - The notebook is up to date with all Windows 8 updates.

    2. Asus Install software- It shows no driver update.

    3. Asus Live Update Software - It only made one update that didn't change things.

    4. Factory Reset - Didn't do anything either.

    5 Calibration - I used the Windows Calibration tool and the problem is still there unfortunately.

    6. Triggering the event - I've noted that it's much much easy to trigger the event when I try to pinch-to-zoom along the vertical path of where the circle always appear ( from top to bottom of the screen). When I pinch to zoom anywhere right of that "line" it's much harder to trigger the touch screen problems. As I said, sometimes it appears on startup and sometimes it's triggered.

    7. I've tried updating the drivers using the Windows driver update options(device manager) but it always says that my drivers are up to date. I've tired searching the Asus drivers site for driver updates but I honestly don't know what drivers to install that could potentially relate to or resolve the issue. Some updates obviously won't help the issue, e.g. Wireless Drivers, Audio Drivers, etc but I'm not exactly sure what drivers to update. ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download X202E

    It doesn't limit my ability to troubleshoot, web browse, type. For the most part the computer is still functional especially when I use it in a traditional manner (touch pad and keyboard). However using touch drives me crazy.


    2. Would installing a different version of W8 e.g. W8 pro potentially resolve the issue?

    3. If I install Ubuntu or another OS and the problem is still there then does that 100% confirm that it is a faulty hardware issue?

    4. What drivers are responsible for making touchscreen function?

    5. Can I use substitute drivers instead of manufacturer drivers? (sounds like a bad idea)

    6. What software tool can I use to resolve the problem, if any?

    7. Is this a BIOS issue?

    I should add that I want to do my best to avoid sending it back to Asus. I live in Trinidad and Tobago and I need my computer to get some very important stuff done. If I send it back for repairs I could potentially not have access to a computer for a while and I'm already behind schedule.
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    it seems to me you have a defective screen. it looks like a hardware issue.

    I know you don't want to exchange it but I think you really do need to.
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    Mind explaining why? Just want to get an idea
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Touch screen glitches, trouble shooting and questions
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