hi, i left my computer on while at work only to come back to seeing that win 8 pro had had to stop (it was on screen telling me this and that i needed to restart - a nice bsod perhaps?). i restarted and it seemed to take forever to load up with loooonnnggg breaks in between screens changing and not showing my dekstop shortcuts.

i ended up loading up my win 8 install disc and going to a command prompt to run chkdsk /b /r. this came up with lots of sectors where chkdsk needed to replace bad sectors or something (where it utilises spare sectors instead - familiar with this?). so i let it finish but at the end it said it couldn't save the log file (piece of crap!) and i lost the visible report on screen so i have no way of knowing what files were affected by these errors!!!!

i've done an sfc and it checked out fine (apparently). altho i don't know if windows is clever enough to know that files may be damaged or if it only checks that they are present? - the latter not being very helpful.

so at the moment i am verifying individual steam games ( quite a few are reporting dodgy files and then redownloading them). is there a way to batch verify all games? (it would make sense for steam to implement!)

i have quite a few games that aren't steam activated so that makes it very hard to verify the files.

i have got another HD to use as a backup with a system image but i've done quite a bit of moving around since the backup. also windows decided to backup on schedule and i stopped it part way through. i tried mounting the vhdx backup file via disk management but it doesn't appear in my computer window and when i try to mount it from win explorer it says the disk needs formatting. suggesting my backup is crap and can't be used right?????

it would be helpful to be able to get into it and copy affected files from, any ideas?

please don't tell me to reinstall everything as i have about 2.8tb system setup and configured and it's taken me ages to do - so that's the last thing i want to do (if there is any other solution of course).

is there any file validation software that can tell me what files are damaged?

is there a way of finding out what files were affected when chkdsk "repaired" the hd?

i am guessing that when chkdsk repaired the hd it just made it writeable again but disregarded the files in place and screwed them up essentially?

any help would be appreciated, thank you