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W8 64bits and CF Compact Flash Memory Card reader 32GB

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    W8 64bits and CF Compact Flash Memory Card reader 32GB

    My new Laptop is coming soon. It has Windows 8 64bits
    8GB DDR3 System Memory (2 Dimm)
    750GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive

    Questions: Can I use Flash memory card instead of DVD's to make Recovery Factory image? If so, would 32 GB memory card suffice? Is flash card better than keep. I learned from my google/internet research there are all sorts of flash cards. Is this the right flash card for what I intend to do?

    Sorry I really do not know flash cards. ZERO. I notice from TV and movies, spies always insert what looks like this product to obtain classified information from PC when nobody is around....and they always seem to finish it just before the owner comes back....few seconds. One whole minute, tops.

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    That is USB flash drive to be exact. But make sure to get at least USB 2.0 for better data transfer speed (3.0 is the best). I don't think there is an option for DVD image recovery back up anyway because the entire image is at least 12GB (dual Layer DVDs is only up to 8GB). But if your laptop has bluray burner, then it's possible. But yeah, you can use the USB flash drive with at least 16GB available storage space to create your recovery backup image.

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    The one I returned has 6 GB memory( instead of 8) and 575GB HDD(instead of 750), also W8 64bits.... and it took 6 DVD's to create recovery disc set. The one prior to the last (a 4 GB memory Vista) took three DVD's. It seems every time Microsoft creates a new OS, it is bigger than the previous. So I figure this one would take more than 6 DVD's.

    I am glad the 32 GB Flash memory card is more than sufficient. CF compact(whatever it means) is not good? I mean it does not say whether it is 2 or 3 USB. Just CF compact.

    BTW, I still do not know the diff between flash reader and flash memory cards.

    And no, it has only Blueray reader. No burner.

    Diverting a little bit, can anybody else use the 6 dvd recovery set that I created from the W8 HP that I returned?
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    CF (compact flash) cards are the sort used in digital cameras. It's the least compact of the flash memory cards. SD cards have mostly superseded it. Either type requires a reader to be read by a computer. (Some computers have built-in card readers.)

    It may be possible to use flash cards for the recovery device, but I'm not sure.

    A USB flash device is what I've seen in most recent movies.

    You can buy 32GB USB flash drives for less than $20. There are even some USB3 drives at that price. (They'll also work in USB2 slots.) Here are 57 to choose from: - Computer Hardware, Flash Memory & Readers, USB Flash Drives, 32GB, USB 3.0

    (Some of the cheapest have good customer ratings.)
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W8 64bits and CF Compact Flash Memory Card reader 32GB
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