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Meaning of 64GB (32GB cache capacity)

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    Meaning of 64GB (32GB cache capacity)

    Does this 64GB (32GB cache capacity) mean that I will only be able to use 32 GB of the 64 GB ?

    What will the cache be used for?

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    Hello Ron,

    What is this in reference to?

    Could you post a screenshot where it has this at?
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    Thanks for responding Brink,
    It's about a 60GB SSD I'm looking at for a friend. Seems like a pretty big cache for OS so ...

    OCZ Synapse Cache SYN-25SAT3-64G 2.5" 64GB (32GB cache capacity) SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)

    OCZ Synapse Cache SYN-25SAT3-64G Solid State Drive -

    2nd comment in Feedback
    Pros: *Startup times & load with cache are 3 times faster.
    *Customer support is A+
    Cons: This is a 64gb ssd & 32gb is set aside for cache i understood that in the description. When you use this as cache the rest of the 32gb gets disabled for over-provisioning. I'm reading the description now no where is that listed its crucial.
    Manufacturer Response:
    Dear Jack,

    I am glad your startup times have improved greatly with the Synapse Cache! I am also glad to hear you have had a positive experience with OCZ Support. The Synapse cache drives do make use of 50% NAND flash overprovisiong to accommodate performance and software features. This is noted in the Newegg details and the OCZ Product Brief.

    If you ever experience any issues with the SSD or caching software please contact our Support Forum and we will gladly assist.

    Thank you for your purchase!
    OCZ SupportExternal Link(s): OCZ Support Forum
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    It looks like 32GB of the total 64GB is to cache other HDD's with.

    OCZ Synapse Cache SATA 3 2.5" SSD (EOL)

    What makes Synapse unique to other SSDs?
    The OCZ Synapse Series is optimized for caching applications to dynamically manage the Synapse SSD in conjunction with standard hard disk drives (HDDs), to provide users with SSD-level performance across the entire capacity of the HDD with Dataplex caching software.
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Meaning of 64GB (32GB cache capacity)
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