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There are several apps in Android that make typing on the screen real easy - including self correction or look ahead where they are suggesting the word if you only typed a couple of letters.
Windows Phone 8's keyboard uses almost of 20 years of Word data to automatically suggest the next word you will type; all with no third party apps. You can pretty much be able to type a whole sentence, such as this in about a third of the taps it would normally take. Probably less than that though. That, along with a very supreme auto correct (you can only appreciate it once you fully utilize it) Windows Phone 8 has literally the best keyboard out there. The Blackberry 10 seems to the closest counterpart to that, although it annoys me when I read an article about the features of it and the author mentions the keyboard and seems to not even know that Windows Phone 8 already does that but better. Instead of a word or two when you hit the letter, Windows Phone will have like at least 5-12 suggested words.