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    Windows 8.1 Update Pro (64-bits)

    Finally, I took the computer to the shop, got the PSU replaced and the BIOS underclocked to 800 from 1033... The tech who runs the shop told me it was the best option. At the moment, the computer runs smoothly with 16GB of RAM (4 sticks). I asked him if he had tried upping the voltage and he said no.

    I must apologise for not noticing that I only had to scroll down the voltage list in the BIOS to get to 1.500V... So clumsy of me... I just took for granted that what appeared on the screen were the only choices I had... For no apparent reason, I decided to go down with the arrow key and voilą!! I realised I could increase the voltage beyond 1.5V!

    I ran Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool and no hardware errors were detected.

    I double-checked the RAM memory sticks... They are all the same and Kingston-branded. No doubt at all.

    However, I am wondering if it is better to leave the clock at 800 without toying with the voltage or getting it back up to 1033 and upping the voltage a bit. What if I now adjust the voltage to 1.5V and set the clock at 1033?

    Thanks so much for all the help and advice you have all given me.

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    Leave the clock at 800 because 1033 will not get you any noticeable difference in performance. Leave it as is and enjoy...

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    I'd set the voltage to the manufacturer's recommended one (1.5V), set the RAM frequency to the specified one, and then manually adjust the RAM timings to slightly relaxed values to see if the system would run stably with all 4 DIMMs.

    You might not notice the difference outside of synthetic benchmarks, though.
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    Windows 8.1 Update Pro (64-bits)

    Thanks for the advice, but I don't have enough information to set it all right how it should be... Besides, if you state that I will not be able to tell the difference, then I'd rather leave everything as it is unless someone told me the exact parameters to set everything properly, even the clock.
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    Really Nando,

    Just leave it as is and be happy that it is finally working for you. The downclock to 800 has nothing to do with the voltage setting so it probably is already set at default values.
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    Good advice here. I'm glad your system is running now with 16GB of RAM and a new power supply.
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RAM Memory
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