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Windows 8 damaged my drive !!! >:(

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    Windows 8 Pro 64bit

    Windows 8 damaged my drive !!! >:(

    for some reason, windows 8 starts going mad (100% disk and ram usage) when i copy, highlight, or open a ~5gig mpeg2 file (hdtv recording)

    right click > view image (to see full image)

    no, this is NOT a disk problem...

    i copied these exact same files from windows 7 the exact same day i copied them back to windows 8..

    also windows 8 started going mad if i read these files from my backup drive AND my normal drive .. it happened with TWO separate files not just one and on BOTH hard drives windows 8 started with the 100% disk usage crap..

    i did manage to delete both files through the command prompt, but it sure did take looong time... i then recorded another 5+gig tv show file on windows 8, and windows 8 started going crazy again ..

    now my freaking hard disk does not show a normal status on a smart check!!

    i'm 100,000,000% sure this is a windows 8 problem since i'm back on windows 7 using big mpeg2 files with no problems... but my f'ing smart check isn't showing good status anymore

    also windows 8 loads my wrong network driver !!!

    intel/windows8 loading the wrong network driver

    the solution the person who replied to my thread does not work!!

    Windows 7 =

    Windows 8 =

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    Technically, a software cannot damage a drive physically.
    Reallocated sectors count, i think it is related to Disk Defragmenter. Have you even tried defragging your disk?! Don't bash windows 8 for the problem that is purely NOT from the OS!!
    I'm freaking mad now.
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    win8.1.1 enterprise

    hi, what are the specs of the computer like make and model ,hdd type ,amount of ram

    and i noticed you didn't respond to the helper in you other thread ,maybe they has another suggestion ,like you network device/and even you motherboard is not win8 compatible maybe
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    Looks like he posted to "vent", then left... Oh well...
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    64-bit Windows 8.1 Enterprise

    Hello codec..

    Are your problem already fix? and how to fix it?
    Now I have sam problem with you, for another member, please help, because from post in top I don't found some sollutions.
    Thank You before..
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    I do not believe that an operating system can damage a hard drive. There are a lot of people who do not like Windows 8 for various reasons, but not because it damaged a drive. If your drive is damaged, it would be a good idea to take a better look at things.
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    Most likely has a bunch of malware.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit

    I like Windows 8 better than 7. Sure it took some time to getting used to, but it usually does when its a big change.
    I used to only use Macs. Hence the big change. But now I use both. Its great to be honest.
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Windows 8 damaged my drive !!! >:(
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