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Keyboard not showing

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    Keyboard not showing

    Hi Guys,

    Just bhought a Win 8 (Pro) tablet and I'm facing problems with the keyboard, when I'm using metro apps I can see the keyboard appearing when I have to enter text but when I go to the Desktop and use Win32 apps the keyboard never shows up. Like if I open IE or Google Chrome when I hit the address bar or any field in a web form the keyboard does not appear on the tablet. I have to go the charm bar ==> keyboard settings ==> show the keyboard.

    Quite annoying.

    Any clue about how to make the keyboard show automatically on Win32 apps?



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    Same problem here using my Surface Pro as well. I don't use Metro apps hardly at all in Windows 8. I guess I haven't been persuaded to start using them with the Surface Pro either.

    On my pro, I don't have to necessarily go to Charms to get the keyboard up as I have a keyboard icon down by the clock and I can click on that and it brings up my keyboard for me. But it is a manual task.
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    if you use the Metro version of IE10 or the Nightly build of Firefox, you'll automatically get the keyboard when you select a box or text field or address bar. haven't tested whether Chrome in Windows 8 mode will do the same (Chrome has terrible touch support so it's a nonfactor for me).
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Keyboard not showing
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