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Mousepad problems (Clicking and moving by itself)

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    Mousepad problems (Clicking and moving by itself)

    Hello. recently i have a problem with my mousepad on my Windows 8 Laptop. Couldn't really find a more appropriate place to put this but here so here is my problem: Ever since a few days ago i accidently dropped my Laptop on the ground, Not too hard all i thought was Meh its fine. Well as of then my mouse now (By itself) when it wants to Left clicks Right clicks and moves by itself. Even sometimes after disabling it. I've tried another mouse and it didn't all fix....It fixed it but not %100. still did the problem about %20 of the time. Now since its happening after i dropped my computer I figure that's why its doing this, But is there any way to fix this? I can try buying a new mouse (USB) and installing it. The mousepad however i've tried Uninstalling, Re installing Rolling back driver and Updating driver. nothing has fixed it so far .

    Any help at all would be appreciated fully to help me solve this.

    EDIT: This also occurs when clicking on a link, Watching a video or clicking any kind of button (Such as submitting this post) It will right click then the mouse will disable kind of like restarting itself for about 30 seconds. Videos are currently un watchable because it just keeps spamming right click on every inch of the screen my mouse goes. Forcing me to shut down chrome...


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Mousepad problems (Clicking and moving by itself)
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