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Which tablet should I get?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anusha View Post
    The context menu I was talking about was the one that pops up when you press and hold selected text, to copy them to clipboard. Paste also shows up whenever you can paste stuff.
    oh, no. to copy a block of text. you just tap a word. then 2 dots will appear around the word. you then drag the dot to include all your desired text. once you've highlighted all the text, you let go. then you tap on the text again and choose copy.

    to paste, you tap on the screen. you'll see a dot. tap the dot and you'll see the paste option.

    it should all be very quick. tap, tap, tap.

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    I see. It seems there is a few things to learn. I am so used to how things work on the iPhone. I expected it to be the same on Metro.
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    I'm having fun with the tablet. I wish I went with the non-essentials model so that I could get Wacom active stylus support. I really enjoy how handwriting works. But writing with finger is not convenient.

    Once I ran into the problem where the tablet wouldn't turn ON because the battery had die but even after 30 minutes of charging it still didn't turn ON. Seems like a glitch somewhere because it didn't happen the next couple of occasion. Managed to bring it to life by fiddling with the power and start buttons. Not sure which combination worked though.

    The only problem I have is regarding the lack of software and the lack of functionality in stock apps.
    1. No MKV/FLV support on video player
    2. No way to block ads on IE and integrate last pass. Also, no way to open last closed tab.
    3. No blogging app.
    4. Virtual keyboard isn't aggressive enough when it comes to auto correct or at least predicting text.
    5. Windows Store app moans that I'm not connected to the Internet once in a while
    6. No Facebook, Google apps. Twitter app is still very lacking.
    7. Messenger app doesn't support other popular networks.
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    try MetroTwit if you find the official Twitter app lacking. Twitter has been updated twice in the past week so they're working fast to improve it.

    did you try IM+? that supports a lot: AIM, Facebook, Jabber, ICQ, Mail.RU, MSN, MySpace, Skype, Vkontakte, Yahoo!, Yandex and Google Talk.

    there's a free version as well as a more full-featured pay version.

    as for MKV, yeah, it's bad that there's no app that supports it yet. But a Modern version of VLC is coming to Windows 8. That's what people want anyway.
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    For some reason, MetroTwit isn't working for me. I get completely empty blocks in it. :/ I didn't try to find out what was causing it though.

    I use IM+ but I don't like it. It didn't automatically connect when I resumed the tablet from standby and that made me don't wanna use it much. Besides, the stock Messages app looks simple.

    Yes I'm waiting for VLC as well. Right now I'm just using WMP to play the MKV and FLV files in conjunction with Windows 8 Codecs.
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Which tablet should I get?
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