Last week I found out that the fact that the Asus Vivotab RT has Corning "Fit" glass doesn't mean it is Gorilla glass "fit" for the Asus Vivotab RT. No, Corning has two types of glass "Fit" and "Gorilla".

Now on the website of Asus it states it has "scratch resistant" glass. What can one expect of that? Reason for asking: I've handled my tablet with great caution, but still I noticed a few scratches on the glass. Few of them are hardly visible, but one is easily noticeble under the right angle! How can this happen?

And more important: I am exploring my options for returning the device to Asus and have it repaired as warranty case. Any suggestions in that area?

I am somewhat worried they will charge me research and repairs cost because they will try to argue this is something I have done myself. Obviously damage caused by improper use is not a valid warranty case.

I have the idea that you need to be pretty rough with the screen to get a scratch in it. the scratch I see is really shallow, but is there Does anybody have an idea of how scratch resistant this glass actually is? For example: Can a simple grain of sand between the dock and the tablet have caused this?