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anyone with a samsung laptop help please

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    anyone with a samsung laptop help please

    got a samsung np700 get two bleeps when opening programs and on boot up.

    turned of windows default sounds did not help

    turned off bleep warnings in the registry, but stuck with two bleeps on boot up, i thought startup one bleep was normal but the store says two bleeps are ok.

    just wanted confirmation from another user that 2 bleeps are normal with samsung as the store did not seem too confident.

    [no error messages, pc running ok, sfc & chkdsk ok, devicemanager list ok]

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    Two beeps (especially) when opening a program or on a normal boot does not sound right to me. Are you getting two short beeps or do the beeps sound somewhat like a siren? If they sound like (standard bios) two short beeps, I would go in and reset the BIOS to defaults to see what happens. Has this been happening since you purchased the unit or did it start after a hardware upgrade (ie, adding RAM, etc)? Now, if it sounds somewhat like a siren, is your fan running a bit faster? If so, you may want to clean your vents and/or if you did any upgrading, make sure you didn't disturb any of the components while doing so. I'm not sure I understand the "turning-off" of the sounds in the registry when opening programs but, if this has been going on since day one, I would take a trip back to the store and have the rep do a "two-beeps is OK" demonstration for me. You might also want to check your event viewer for errors and warnings when you open a program (even though you have disabled the sounds in the registry). Good luck.
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    its is two short bleeps, laptop only a week old been like that since new
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    Unfortunate; however, I think your best bet is to revisit the store you bought it from and get them to do that "two beeps is OK test" and because it is so new, I wouldn't mess with it too much. However, I don't think that beeps when opening any program would be acceptable in my book! Sorry I couldn't help. Good luck and let us know how you make out if you visit the store.
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    tried the store again they listened to bleeps over phone now say duff motherboard will exchange on friday spending today wiping clean copying docs etc fri night will be hours oninstall updates software etc at least i know my way arond w8 better this time
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    All bios versions give one short beep on post to indicate a healthy system. Depending on the bios version two beeps ould mean differant things. For example AMI bios indicates a memory error with two short beeps , Award bios indicates post failiure but as your booting to windows id assume it was a memory issue. At least they recognise an issue and their sorting it for you
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    Quote Originally Posted by sunnystaines View Post
    tried the store again they listened to bleeps over phone now say duff motherboard will exchange on friday spending today wiping clean copying docs etc fri night will be hours oninstall updates software etc at least i know my way arond w8 better this time
    Glad to hear they are willing to fix this for you!
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    thanks everyone, been to the store today gave me a new laptop in exchange same model and 20 vouchers for my trouble, this is ok and running a lot smoother
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    ^^^cant have been pc world then..........unless you paid for "extra cover"
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    Glad to hear you got it sorted. Sometimes Laptops come off the assembly line defective, it happens. Again glad you are all squared away.
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anyone with a samsung laptop help please
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