Hello experts and fellow Windows 8 users,

I am running the Windows 8 OS and currently having terrible mouse lag. My mouse will run fine for about 20 seconds-ish and then stall for a good 1-2 seconds. This can be incredibly annoying, especially when I am in my gaming mode (sc2 shout out). Any idea as to how to fix this? I use duel monitors and have tried reverting back to one, didn't fix anything, all drivers are up to date, and I have also searched the internet for numerous answers. None seem to work so far.

Mouse specs:
Wireless USB mouse, Logitech LAZER. I know it is for fact not the batteries as I have replaced them 2x to see if that was the case, and also, buying a new mouse did not resolve my problem.

Any and all help is appreciated and thank you good people for helping out!

PS: How common is this problem w/ w8, im hearing other people have similar problems?